Varna Public Library

The figure of the new Varna Library reflects programmatic disposition, balance of structure and function, and is an iconic response to the constraints of the zoning envelope. The colossal open structure on the ground level allows a flux of activity from the surrounding public spaces into the library lobby serving as a public center connected to casual reading and relaxation. 
Supported by the mega-columns is a translucent book stack volume acting as a beacon for the city of Varna, guiding knowledge-seekers to shore while artfully obscuring the dense structure facilitating the transition between the two open programs of public and reading.  
The upper floors feature tranquil spaces for reading and research. The horizontal louvers offer comfortable diffused light while unlocking the captivating view of city of Varna and the Black Sea.




LOCATION : Varna, Bulgaria

CLIENT : Municipal Government

YEARS : 2015

STATUS : Competition

PROGRAM : Library

COLLABORATORS: Architecture Work Office