Soap boxes

Peace comes from mutual understanding which can be enhanced by exposure to diverse cultures and opinions. Peace pentagon has kept their community-ship to bring on more voices of minority to the table and public attention. 
The new building will maximize this function of reverberating the voices. 
The building will function as multiple soap boxes which retain and amplify voices of every peace movement of tenants, and collect diverse opinions from general public.


Megaphone, a multi-purpose elevator which drifts on the main façade, will simulcast the statement of each tenant, and opinions of the public who want to speak out their voices.  Users of Megaphone will have a unique experience of watching the statements of the tenants intimately while being elevated to public spaces in the building. All the public spaces have soap boxes on which people can speak out their voices and have a chance to be broadcasted.
 All voices will be distributed via the Internet and shared by global network and monitoring groups. It will become an offline end of on-line Twitter raising more public attention about the 339 community, which is crucial for peace and justice movement. 


LOCATION : Lafayette Street

CLIENT : Peace Pentagon, Activist Group

YEARS : 2010

STATUS : Competition

PROGRAM : Commercial-Mixed



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