restaurant f

Conversion and renovation of an existing restaurant into a stylish dining establishment with a lounge and bar - appx 4,000sq-ft total. The main hall is divided into several different spaces with distinct themes. Each space is decorated by collections of recycled theatrical objects which generate a unique experience and a memorable spectacle for the visitors. Architect extensively assisted the client and contractor with the choice and procurement of the most economical, effective, and sustainable materials and building systems for the project.

The Client decided to commission our office to design his restaurant after becoming familiar with the Damso Chicken space (back then still under construction) and seeing how we dealt with its challenges. Restaurant F had to be completed in the shortest time possible, with a budget of under $140 per square foot including decoration and furniture. At the same time our design had to address a range of clientele from family-type events to chic, lounge parties late into the night.

After preliminary research we have proceeded with an idea which allowed for reconciling aesthetic and budgetary concerns. A theater look had the capacity of combining luxury with bare industrial elements and allowed us to mix low-cost and higher-end materials into an exciting ensemble straight from Broadway. We have designated areas of highlight/visibility (as opposed to those that could remain a mere background) and assigned design value accordingly. The project emerged as a strategically balanced mixture of cost-effective background items and more extravagant materials (and mostly the latter’s affordable lookalikes). While low-cost pre-finished veneer and extruded faux-brick panels are used throughout the project, feature marble
walls greet the visitor in the vestibule and flank the bar. In many places theatrical curtain substitutes a wall finish. A rich, thick, black merlin fabric appears where the curtain is most visible and where it can be touched by the patrons - a much cheaper fabric called Supervel is used everywhere else.


LOCATION : Palisades Park, NJ

CLIENT : Private

YEARS : 2015

STATUS : Completed

PROGRAM : Commercial 

COLLABORATORS: Architecture Work Office